September 2018 Blog Update

Hey folks, I'm still writing and editing more than a bit. This blog isn't on hiatus, but it will likely be October before I have any new posts up. Too much happening elsewhere at the moment. I hope to get the rest of the 2017 entries online, and the first half of 2018 sometime the... Continue Reading →

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Dance of the Cranes! Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, AL 12/7/18

Whooping Cranes in Flight, Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, AL 12/7/18

Fairmount Falls Park, KY 10/27/18

Trails: Fairmount Falls Loop Trail Length: 0.4 miles View Photo Gallery After a fun day exploring the Louisville Zoo, Robin decided to rest for a bit while Joel and I set out for somewhere to hike and explore. From what surprisingly little time I spent researching the area before our trip I'd come across a... Continue Reading →

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