My free time has been pretty limited the last half year or so with health issues and my day job, and a number of projects have sort of been on the back burner. There's much more to me (and this page) than photography, and hopefully soon I can get caught up on some stuff and... Continue Reading →

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Conasauga Falls Trail, Cherokee National Forest, TN (video)

Conasauga Falls Trail, Cherokee National Forest, TN. A half mile hike to a 30ft multi-tier waterfall on beautiful Conasauga Creek. It's a narrow gravel road to reach the parking area, but it's a beautiful walk downhill through a lush forest, with the sounds of the creek ever increasing.

Shoreline Trail, Old Hickory Lake, Bledsoe Creek State Park, TN (video) A couple mile loop hike along the shoreline trail and High Ridge Trails, enjoying the views of Old Hickory Lake and numerous birds and a few deer. Bledsoe Creek State Park is a small park in Tennessee, but a wonderful little place just outside of Nashville, TN. #bledsoecreek#hiking#statepark If you like, please subscribe! Hit... Continue Reading →

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