My free time has been pretty limited the last half year or so with health issues and my day job, and a number of projects have sort of been on the back burner. There’s much more to me (and this page) than photography, and hopefully soon I can get caught up on some stuff and start sharing other things, though I may not share them all here.

My first love in the world of creativity has always been writing; it has been for 30 years now. Now that I’m writing and submitting poems again I’ll have some of that soon to share. I also dabble with bonsai, painting, etc. It’s not so much important to me that I’m great in any of these, but that they’re available as a way of expressing oneself and creating something different. Poet William Stafford wrote “I don’t want to write good poems. I want to write inevitable poems—given who I am…”. I think that applies to any medium. All forms of creativity can be an exploration of self.

YOUTUBE is where eventually I’ll have 2 or 3 videos up a week, every week. The mainstay is the weekly “Exploring” video, where I usually focus on one specific trail or one specific area and give a bit of a guided tour, sometimes narrated, sometimes not. There’s also going to be gear views, how to videos, poetry readings, plein air painting, and more pretty soon. I’ll post some of those here, but I encourage and would love for you all to subscribe.

WORDPRESS BLOG: Last but not least is my WordPress Blog, where I’m long in the process of writing/editing/uploading journal entries from the last 15 years of hiking. The end of this summer will see the completion of the last 3 or 4 years of hikes. I’ll share these individually as they’re uploaded.

INSTAGRAM is where I share daily photos, sometimes more. Many, but not all are crossposted here (thus the hashtags). The Twitter and Tumblr accounts are nothing more than crossposts from Instagram and my Blog for folks who use those platforms.


WEATHERMANSAM.COM: There’s roughly 25,000 photos of all my adventures on my website in more than 400 galleries, which will see a bit of a redesign by year’s end to make the galleries easier to move through.

I’m thankful for you all continuing to follow these adventures. I promise many more…


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