A little refuge of our own…

It’s important to have a place of peace, deep in the forest and at home. While we don’t have a yard, I make the best of the space given to us. We’re blessed every day with flowers, songbirds of all kinds, little lizards, squirrels (who like to tempt Lulu at the door), as well as cranes, ducks, American coots, and the occasional turtle. Yesterday we saw the first hummingbird of the year, buzzing the hanging baskets of begonias and geraniums. We have views of Lady Ann Lake, and a small pond that feeds a narrow stream separated by a man made waterfall (but it’s still a waterfall).

We’re both working from home now, which has been easier for me with my colitis flaring. Our living room looks like a makeshift command center but we make it work. With everything shuttered it makes it hard me to even consider traveling to local trails. Bathrooms are an essential business when you have to do your business a lot. There are small patches of woods to wander here at the complex, and plenty of water to paddle, but it’s also nice to revisit something I used to say a lot, something to the tune of there’s adventure out your back door.

Not every adventure is a long hike. Sometimes it’s just a good book, a hot cup of tea, and listening to the wind chimes (where a carpenter bee has made its home).

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