Pelican 80x Kayaking Cooper Marsh, Huntsville, AL 12/21/19 (video) Took my small Pelican kayak out for a spin through a little area called Cooper Marsh downstream of a dam that borders Lady Ann Lake in Huntsville, AL. I kind of wished I'd had my fishing kayak that's a little more stable (and would have helped with all of the slightly submerged stumps I... Continue Reading →

Exploring Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge: Island Kayak Adventure, Barren Fork Creek (video) Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, Kayaking Barren Fork Creek. An upstream paddle to a two acre island with a cool swampy area, signs of spring, and lots of birds. The water was clear and shallow, too shallow at times. (Just a note: I don't talk much during the paddling portion, but I do narrate some... Continue Reading →

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