Dorena-Hickman Ferry Crossing the Mississippi River, KY, MO Crossing the Mississippi River on a ferry from Hickman, Kentucky to Missouri. The Dorena-Hickman Toll Ferry is one of the few remaining riverboat ferries in the United States and the only operating ferry crossing the Mississippi River between Missouri and Kentucky. Just wanted to do a fun video of it all. If you like,... Continue Reading →


Exploring Reelfoot Lake State Park: Keystone Trail A two-thirds of a mile trail that would be much nicer in winter and spring with some good rains, this spot does offer a bit of quiet solitude, with several paths down to the lake for viewing and fishing. Nearby is a wonderful pier that extends well out into the lake where a variety... Continue Reading →

10/14/18: Harvest Square Preserve, AL

The cotton was high, and the wildflowers and butterflies plentiful today at Land Trust of North Alabama's Harvest Square Preserve. It was nice to revisit this spot; a bit of a quiet oasis in an urban environment.

September 2018 Blog Update

Hey folks, I'm still writing and editing more than a bit. This blog isn't on hiatus, but it will likely be October before I have any new posts up. Too much happening elsewhere at the moment. I hope to get the rest of the 2017 entries online, and the first half of 2018 sometime the... Continue Reading →

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