Unnamed Canyon, Bankhead National Forest, AL 03/01/19

Unnamed Canyon, Bankhead National Forest, AL 03/01/19 Trails: no trails Length: 8 miles View Photo Gallery Every now and then on one of these off trail forest adventures I like to gamble. I like to pick a spot where there's no information about it, a spot where maybe there's a waterfall, maybe there isn't, and... Continue Reading →

Last night was a first…

Last night I left work early to go assist in a search and rescue operation for an injured hiker in Bankhead National Forest. This was really my first true experience in a situation like this, and these SAR folks were amazing. I don’t know how much my being there helped in any of it, as... Continue Reading →

Exploring Bankhead National Forest: We found a waterfall wonderland! (video)

https://youtu.be/Z3F3LiG615s An off trail adventure earlier in the year where we found 14 waterfalls along several unnamed streams. One of these falls is among my favorite I've found (so far) that doesn't have a name. In addition to the awesome waterfalls, we creek walked in knee deep water in March through small rapids and beneath... Continue Reading →

Exploring Bankhead National Forest: Upper Turkeyfoot Creek (video)

https://youtu.be/Bzq3VyJOuFc Upper Turkeyfoot Creek, Bankhead National Forest. An off trail adventure on one of the tributaries to Mize Mill Falls in the Sipsey Wilderness. This exploration came after several weeks of near constant rain, but I suspect many of these falls flow all year. If you like, subscribe! New videos every Sunday! Please Practice Leave... Continue Reading →

Exploring Sipsey Wilderness: Rippey Cabin (video)

https://youtu.be/-p3VzDkKS3c An interesting little spot hidden off trail in the Sipsey Wilderness. I've always enjoyed visiting this spot. Hope you enjoy the walk through! If you like, subscribe! New videos every Sunday! Please Practice Leave No Trace!-- https://lnt.org/learn/7-principles ---------------- Social Media ------------ More than 20,000 photos of all my adventures are on my website-- http://www.weathermansam.com... Continue Reading →

Last weekend of 2018 hike, Sipsey Wilderness, 12/29/18: Part 2!

Photos from Featherhawk Falls and other little canyons along the way! https://www.facebook.com/weathermansamphotography/posts/504564836731621?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARC-bygLRUcHKSSEe0zQqNm5ZijLehAMKdROK09JtFtlablqMxpjKzomGerKNPITHqlOHqExu0BpoeihvQbKv_UBK01t0__v1CTcZH978HbAU8Y8Zp5Gm36p4O29zhZ5KinnYt27G2uv9Nr5MVskl_r_b9IrZ59qLxLROn3huYRYVIJ5Y7B7BJ2CW6a4QVoNdR3rPXn0jwFYwbnv1MjTG00-u4pt8ULwOAaVQh9v25lhG2ssts5J1zzV1eXSl3CL2soPB1D0RXRLTMBtYaVHlwpzuY32Z3X1zOKl17k7sYBbuP4A-n46GawInjvskXfhbEu2v0EL9WpJSfplxlHm7-8&__tn__=-UC-R

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