Bankhead National Forest, AL 12/20/20

Trails: off trail Length: 5.25 miles This adventure and the resulting photo gallery will be the 500th adventure I've uploaded to my website. Hard to believe this little journey of photos and words started some 19 years ago has sustained this long. I still have a long way to go before I have many of... Continue Reading →

Early January Videos!

Hi all, haven't uploaded in a while. Overwhelmed and overworked, but will catch back up. I'm going to start collecting videos I post on YouTube and put them into one weekly segment on here, with the exception of this week! Here's part one of my January video uploads! Enjoy!

Last night was a first…

Last night I left work early to go assist in a search and rescue operation for an injured hiker in Bankhead National Forest. This was really my first true experience in a situation like this, and these SAR folks were amazing. I don’t know how much my being there helped in any of it, as... Continue Reading →

Exploring Bankhead National Forest: We found a waterfall wonderland! (video) An off trail adventure earlier in the year where we found 14 waterfalls along several unnamed streams. One of these falls is among my favorite I've found (so far) that doesn't have a name. In addition to the awesome waterfalls, we creek walked in knee deep water in March through small rapids and beneath... Continue Reading →

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