Hidden springs of Barren Fork Creek, Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, AL 4/10/20

Trails: no trails Length: 2 miles VIEW PHOTO GALLERY I first visited Barren Fork Creek last year on my birthday, exploring by kayak upstream about a quarter of a mile to an island (and nearly losing my hat in the process). My original intentions were to go another half mile roughly upstream to see a... Continue Reading →

“The Boy Scout Trail”, Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, AL 4/1/20

Trails: an unofficial trail, sort of Length: 0.75 miles VIEW PHOTO GALLERY I first came across this spot over a decade ago, just a small pull off on a busy road that borders the refuge. Research on it has a Madison boy scout troop listed as those who maintain it, but that hasn't been done... Continue Reading →

Goldsmith Schiffman Wildlife Sanctuary: Deer Run, Tall Tupelos (video)

https://youtu.be/3Uz7Le_qrAk A walk through the eastern half of the Goldsmith-Schiffman Wildlife Sanctuary as the floodwaters continued to rise. I explored the eastern half of the sanctuary as best I could with the area flooded, searching for wildflowers and the tall tupelo gum trees I saw here over a decade ago. If you like, please subscribe!... Continue Reading →

South Plateau / Rocky Nightmare Loop, Monte Sano State Park, AL 12/27/19

Trails: South Plateau Loop, McKay Hollow Trail, Rocky Nightmare Trail, Warpath Ridge, Bucca Family Trail, Fire Tower Trail Photo Gallery: http://www.weathermansam.com/photos/2019p/122819bankhead/index.html Length: 4.75 miles After a lazy morning and looking for something to do outdoors, I decided to tackle the Rocky Nightmare Trail, the one little trail (it clocks in at just under a mile)... Continue Reading →

2019 Chinese Lantern Festival, Nighttime, Huntsville Botanical Gardens, AL (video)

https://youtu.be/KhlsSdpqxHc #chineselantern #huntsville #huntsvillebotanicalgarden The nighttime version of the 2019 Chinese Lantern Festival at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. As with the previous, I don't do any narration in this video. The lanterns are often accompanied by music and or other sounds at times, and I didn't want to get in the way of that. Hope... Continue Reading →

2019 Chinese Lantern Festival, Daytime, Huntsville Botanical Gardens, AL (video)

https://youtu.be/a3zIZIx80VE Chinese Lantern Festival, Part 1! I decided to take video to share to show the different views of this festival. It's magical at night, and I'll post that video next (tomorrow), but the daytime was also appealing, as the contrast of the bright lantern colors match equally as well with the deep lush greens... Continue Reading →

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