Exploring Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge: Island Kayak Adventure, Barren Fork Creek (video)

https://youtu.be/Hz-EVrh11DA Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, Kayaking Barren Fork Creek. An upstream paddle to a two acre island with a cool swampy area, signs of spring, and lots of birds. The water was clear and shallow, too shallow at times. (Just a note: I don't talk much during the paddling portion, but I do narrate some... Continue Reading →


Exploring Harvest Square Nature Preserve: Eagle & Beaver Dam Trail Loop (Video)

An oasis in an urban environment in the northern part of Madison county is the Land Trust's Harvest Square Preserve. Several miles of trail traverse a variety of landscapes, but this video covers the loop closest from the trailhead, a walk along Terry Pond, views of the wildflowers that grow here and a brief exploration... Continue Reading →

Exploring Blevins Gap Preserve, AL: Jones Valley Loop Trail (Video)

https://youtu.be/Bwbq122W_XI A new trail for Blevins Gap Preserve here in 2019! This wonderful little one mile loop trail starts out from the Fanning Trailhead, and wanders a mile or so along Bailey Cove Branch. Lots of cascades, ferns, mosses and small boulder gardens make this trail a wonderful addition to the Huntsville "waterfall family". Hope... Continue Reading →

Lady Ann Lake Sunset, Huntsville, AL 10/18/18

Quite a dramatic sunset from a distant storm over Lady Ann Lake. I never tire of photographing this spot.... https://www.facebook.com/weathermansamphotography/posts/464878554033583?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARAyF_W8BbZnz3tiEh-fs0Vv0x9PfjMap1g8JxY0jQIR-_JUAaBx1nlOYe4jHZcvucqyzE95g-XfWepmzjj_VXV6wwpt6Sk0KZI_qxLAODMlaxH84BYvIm5U0QJeGtgB0Ee8Ab9w-5Mpf8ffO5dUi-eK8GZasjSRmjVc83z0k6W4tlXfMx0kaZC-yL52bnbhe6yWtcBp&__tn__=-UC-R

Skipping Rocks!

One last cold night....I wandered down to the lake with Lulu, The Dog Wonder, and later, with Robin to skip rocks and take in the sunset. They made some crazy sounds! It was interesting to see how those sounds changed from one area of the lake to another. If you get the chance, find yourself... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Day Hike 2018!

I decided to wait a week on the Sipsey adventure. Instead, I set out on a hike on the latest trails at Green Mountain Nature Preserve. Braving some extremely cold wind chills for North Alabama, I covered almost five miles in search for ice formations and good waterfalls on the Alum Hollow,Talus, Ranger and Stone... Continue Reading →

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