Another great sunset at Lady Ann Lake, Huntsville, AL 10/20/18


Lady Ann Lake Sunset, Huntsville, AL 10/18/18

Quite a dramatic sunset from a distant storm over Lady Ann Lake. I never tire of photographing this spot....

Kayaking in the snow!

Had a great adventure today exploring some stretches of woods nearby, and then set out kayaking in the snow!  Fantastic day!  I'm still trying to figure out how to get Facebook and WordPress synched up, so until then I'll keep making these posts that just link back to the gallery there.  Also, I've put up... Continue Reading →

Skipping Rocks!

One last cold night....I wandered down to the lake with Lulu, The Dog Wonder, and later, with Robin to skip rocks and take in the sunset. They made some crazy sounds! It was interesting to see how those sounds changed from one area of the lake to another. If you get the chance, find yourself... Continue Reading →

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