Bankhead National Forest, AL 12/20/20

Trails: off trail Length: 5.25 miles This adventure and the resulting photo gallery will be the 500th adventure I've uploaded to my website. Hard to believe this little journey of photos and words started some 19 years ago has sustained this long. I still have a long way to go before I have many of... Continue Reading →

50 Years of Earth Day…

Hard to think it's been 50 year since Senator Gaylord Nelson and Denis Hayes set into motion a movement of supporting environmental protection that's grown to what it is today. (though it was '69 when John McConnell first proposed a day to honor the earth at a UNESCO conference. I almost always spend it by... Continue Reading →

Early January Videos!

Hi all, haven't uploaded in a while. Overwhelmed and overworked, but will catch back up. I'm going to start collecting videos I post on YouTube and put them into one weekly segment on here, with the exception of this week! Here's part one of my January video uploads! Enjoy!

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