Shoreline Trail, Old Hickory Lake, Bledsoe Creek State Park, TN (video) A couple mile loop hike along the shoreline trail and High Ridge Trails, enjoying the views of Old Hickory Lake and numerous birds and a few deer. Bledsoe Creek State Park is a small park in Tennessee, but a wonderful little place just outside of Nashville, TN. #bledsoecreek#hiking#statepark If you like, please subscribe! Hit... Continue Reading →

Hidden springs of Barren Fork Creek, Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, AL 4/10/20

Trails: no trails Length: 2 miles VIEW PHOTO GALLERY I first visited Barren Fork Creek last year on my birthday, exploring by kayak upstream about a quarter of a mile to an island (and nearly losing my hat in the process). My original intentions were to go another half mile roughly upstream to see a... Continue Reading →

50 Years of Earth Day…

Hard to think it's been 50 year since Senator Gaylord Nelson and Denis Hayes set into motion a movement of supporting environmental protection that's grown to what it is today. (though it was '69 when John McConnell first proposed a day to honor the earth at a UNESCO conference. I almost always spend it by... Continue Reading →

South Plateau / Rocky Nightmare Loop, Monte Sano State Park, AL 12/27/19

Trails: South Plateau Loop, McKay Hollow Trail, Rocky Nightmare Trail, Warpath Ridge, Bucca Family Trail, Fire Tower Trail Photo Gallery: Length: 4.75 miles After a lazy morning and looking for something to do outdoors, I decided to tackle the Rocky Nightmare Trail, the one little trail (it clocks in at just under a mile)... Continue Reading →

Homewood Forest Preserve, AL 11/04/19

Trails: Homewood Forest Preserve Trail Length: 1.65 miles VIEW PHOTO GALLERY I'd dropped off my brother at the airport after a weekend visit, and having some time to explore around, decided to hike this and two other smaller preserves in the suburbs of Birmingham. Located on the north-facing slope of Shades Mountain, Homewood Forest Preserve... Continue Reading →

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