Exploring Sipsey Wilderness: Rippey Cabin (video)

https://youtu.be/-p3VzDkKS3c An interesting little spot hidden off trail in the Sipsey Wilderness. I've always enjoyed visiting this spot. Hope you enjoy the walk through! If you like, subscribe! New videos every Sunday! Please Practice Leave No Trace!-- https://lnt.org/learn/7-principles ---------------- Social Media ------------ More than 20,000 photos of all my adventures are on my website-- http://www.weathermansam.com... Continue Reading →


Turkey Creek / Freeman Hollow, Bankhead National Forest, 01/11/19

Trails:no trails Length: 8 miles View Photo Gallery Continuing my off trail adventures on the east side of the forest this year, I met up with Ryan, Brooke, Leah and Zain for an trek along Turkey Creek and up Freeman Hollow, two spots that looked promising on a topo map for waterfalls. Like a lot... Continue Reading →

Exploring Harvest Square Nature Preserve: Eagle & Beaver Dam Trail Loop (Video)

An oasis in an urban environment in the northern part of Madison county is the Land Trust's Harvest Square Preserve. Several miles of trail traverse a variety of landscapes, but this video covers the loop closest from the trailhead, a walk along Terry Pond, views of the wildflowers that grow here and a brief exploration... Continue Reading →

Exploring Blevins Gap Preserve, AL: Jones Valley Loop Trail (Video)

https://youtu.be/Bwbq122W_XI A new trail for Blevins Gap Preserve here in 2019! This wonderful little one mile loop trail starts out from the Fanning Trailhead, and wanders a mile or so along Bailey Cove Branch. Lots of cascades, ferns, mosses and small boulder gardens make this trail a wonderful addition to the Huntsville "waterfall family". Hope... Continue Reading →

Last weekend of 2018 hike, Sipsey Wilderness, 12/29/18: Part 3!

Fungi, mushrooms, and other assorted things. https://www.facebook.com/weathermansamphotography/posts/504565860064852?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARAvWjPnQnQNY0BEPX9_fhrQqQfrHqqzMD_6Qv9S7EyMQOmBCeETcWHh_2Wsr_A7YgWt-fHb20HmpclDwP8JRK4mnod0bEguELA9wwEdRqZ54gq5YmoZV71s0umJsH-LBqzacE0MymzX4oi1qrdJENUWMBjLVXfb4jCHi8hlLPlIC_la0leerWxMiQ2NUaOdVL7AFA-x0VTQQqWgiuBtQLegJs5UzF3p-rVi458kPAqEa2kLormgd3rFM_tJQpWnOdVqQNHeqO7o0z-FyRmXHKfQ7S9h427AJ8mHf-9cV1B-5J0f002uk6um7bHZw-t4IbSR3s9QWN8iSq_QLnw7CCc&__tn__=-UC-R

Last weekend of 2018 hike, Sipsey Wilderness, 12/29/18: Part 2!

Photos from Featherhawk Falls and other little canyons along the way! https://www.facebook.com/weathermansamphotography/posts/504564836731621?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARC-bygLRUcHKSSEe0zQqNm5ZijLehAMKdROK09JtFtlablqMxpjKzomGerKNPITHqlOHqExu0BpoeihvQbKv_UBK01t0__v1CTcZH978HbAU8Y8Zp5Gm36p4O29zhZ5KinnYt27G2uv9Nr5MVskl_r_b9IrZ59qLxLROn3huYRYVIJ5Y7B7BJ2CW6a4QVoNdR3rPXn0jwFYwbnv1MjTG00-u4pt8ULwOAaVQh9v25lhG2ssts5J1zzV1eXSl3CL2soPB1D0RXRLTMBtYaVHlwpzuY32Z3X1zOKl17k7sYBbuP4A-n46GawInjvskXfhbEu2v0EL9WpJSfplxlHm7-8&__tn__=-UC-R

Sipsey Picnic Area, Bankhead National Forest, 11/2/18

Some of the absolutely stunning colors around in Bankhead National Forest yesterday. I'll have video up tomorrow! https://www.facebook.com/weathermansamphotography/posts/472651909922914?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARCdvmXwdu2o-tOKxXCxtb0I454OZSizJN9O5lXsZ5VOC1tL8FJiBn2bW4PsDDCewCseNSkR-CA6QSzZGZF2UstSRUlVQ1uCAhir-XFmEmZuUrUif_9aqs5-uCdPA3FUlY5-Yig2pQ4tV5ZirI_feq4YVlNcAX42uTvxZnTpfJrRRfXjRquogkq49tua1HNbdtQz29l1QJUGhmV3JKiSlq3s&__tn__=-UC-R

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