Photos from Fairmount Falls Park, KY 10/27/18

A great hidden waterfall in a small preserve maintained by Louisville, KY I found on a road trip the week before last. The fall colors there were in great form. I'm still surprised at how nice this waterfall was! For the entire gallery:


Exploring Reelfoot Lake State Park: Boardwalk Trail

Located behind the visitor's center at the state park, the Boardwalk Trail features raptor enclosures with owls and bald eagles, as well as a half mile loop that winds through a swampy area full of wildflowers in summer before offering great views of the lake any time of the year. In winter, lots of icicles... Continue Reading →

Sipsey On Ice!

Sipsey On Ice, January 2018. 8 years to the weekend I last saw ice formations of this magnitude. Today I visited Turkeyfoot Falls, Mize Mill Falls, Kinlock Falls, Parker Falls, Upper Caney Creek Falls, Holmes Chapel Falls with a short stop at Brushy Lake. Here's the highlights from the day! #sipsey #wilderness #bankhead #getoutside #alabama#waterfall See more photos here!

New Year’s Day Hike 2018!

I decided to wait a week on the Sipsey adventure. Instead, I set out on a hike on the latest trails at Green Mountain Nature Preserve. Braving some extremely cold wind chills for North Alabama, I covered almost five miles in search for ice formations and good waterfalls on the Alum Hollow,Talus, Ranger and Stone... Continue Reading →

Hiking Red Mountain Park, AL 09/17/16

Trails:Eureka Mines Trail, #13 Mine Trail, Ike Maston Trail, #14 Mine Trail, #14 Mine Connector, Ishkooda trail, Ridge Walk Trail, Redding Trail, Songo Trail, BMRR South Trail, L&N Trail Distance: 6 miles [View Photo Gallery] Dropping my brother off at the airport, I found myself in Birmingham on a warm day with an afternoon to... Continue Reading →

Hiking Monte Sano Preserve, AL 08/20/16

Trails: Oak Park Trail, Bankhead Trail, Flat Rock Trail, Buzzards Roost Trail Distance: 5 miles [View Photo Gallery] I took almost six weeks “off” from hiking after the roadtrip to rest, let my knees recover, and really process all of the wonderful places I was able to explore. Hiking late summer in north Alabama is... Continue Reading →

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