Hidden springs of Barren Fork Creek, Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, AL 4/10/20

Trails: no trails Length: 2 miles VIEW PHOTO GALLERY I first visited Barren Fork Creek last year on my birthday, exploring by kayak upstream about a quarter of a mile to an island (and nearly losing my hat in the process). My original intentions were to go another half mile roughly upstream to see a... Continue Reading →

Barren Fork Creek, Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, AL 02/07/19

Trails: no trails Length: 1 mile (kayaking) View Photo Gallery Recently I've been doing a lot of research into spots to take the kayak out around Wheeler National Refuge. It stretches for a long way along the Tennessee River, and there are lots of little sloughs and ponds I've discovered one could slip into. Needing... Continue Reading →

Exploring Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge: Island Kayak Adventure, Barren Fork Creek (video)

https://youtu.be/Hz-EVrh11DA Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge, Kayaking Barren Fork Creek. An upstream paddle to a two acre island with a cool swampy area, signs of spring, and lots of birds. The water was clear and shallow, too shallow at times. (Just a note: I don't talk much during the paddling portion, but I do narrate some... Continue Reading →

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