Sipsey Picnic Area, Bankhead National Forest, 11/2/18

Some of the absolutely stunning colors around in Bankhead National Forest yesterday. I'll have video up tomorrow!


Exploring Reelfoot Lake State Park: Boardwalk Trail

Located behind the visitor's center at the state park, the Boardwalk Trail features raptor enclosures with owls and bald eagles, as well as a half mile loop that winds through a swampy area full of wildflowers in summer before offering great views of the lake any time of the year. In winter, lots of icicles... Continue Reading →

Frozen Waterfalls of Bankhead National Forest

Here's a video montage of the waterfall extravaganza of this past weekend's ice hikes in Bankhead and Sipsey Wilderness. Included are Turkeyfoot Falls, Mize Mill Falls, Kinlock Falls, Parker Falls, Caney Creek Falls, Holmes Chapel Falls, Feather Hawk Falls, and Fall Creek Falls. What a great adventure! Hope you all had the chance to enjoy it,... Continue Reading →

Hiking Red Mountain Park, AL 09/17/16

Trails:Eureka Mines Trail, #13 Mine Trail, Ike Maston Trail, #14 Mine Trail, #14 Mine Connector, Ishkooda trail, Ridge Walk Trail, Redding Trail, Songo Trail, BMRR South Trail, L&N Trail Distance: 6 miles [View Photo Gallery] Dropping my brother off at the airport, I found myself in Birmingham on a warm day with an afternoon to... Continue Reading →

Hiking Monte Sano Preserve, AL 08/20/16

Trails: Oak Park Trail, Bankhead Trail, Flat Rock Trail, Buzzards Roost Trail Distance: 5 miles [View Photo Gallery] I took almost six weeks “off” from hiking after the roadtrip to rest, let my knees recover, and really process all of the wonderful places I was able to explore. Hiking late summer in north Alabama is... Continue Reading →

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